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Living and Working in the Gap: Statistics and Errors

This blog series is devoted to the question of how statistics and errors in the geospatial sciences are connected, applied, worked with, and generally how you get along with and live with errors.

Starting from first principles, and first causes, we will attempt to build a picture of statistics and errors that may make a bit more sense than more theory-based discussions. Ultimately, the purpose is to provide the reader with a deep understanding of the nature of errors and their impact on everything that happens with spatial, data, information, knowledge, processing, and what happens after that.

Understanding errors in geospatial endeavors, be they measurement, computation, analysis or representation, is a weak area in the wider geospatial sciences. This blog will attempt to fill in a few gaps in that understanding.


Future of Surveying

This blog series is concerned with questions relating to the future of surveying. It is designed to help stimulate discussion of the many issues surrounding the US surveying profession, as well as the profession in other countries.

Too often we focus on the easy fixes, the most common of which is to assume that increasing numbers will fix everything. Unfortunately, declining numbers of people entering the profession is one problem of many, and may be driven by factors outside the profession, as well as factors from inside the profession.


Discovering the Earth

This is a video series that discusses geodesy, from the earliest days of humanity. Several of these videos will be freely available, through YouTube, but the remainder are part of a series of courses on aspects of geodesy.