The ePub3 ebook is currently available for all countries, when sold through the Wollindina Media Store.

When you enter your address to create an account in the Wollindina Media Store, that address is used to determine what level of sales tax (or VAT or equivalent) is required for purchases of ebooks. This is added to your total, once you have items in your shopping cart.

You can select the currency with which you are familiar, and the Store will convert the US dollar price to that currency, using the current official exchange rate, and making allowance for exchange charges by banks and PayPal. This is an estimate only, and the exact amount will be determined through PayPal, or when your credit card provider makes the conversion. We can't know the details of your particular financial arrangements, and it is best if no-one knows them other than you, so the best we can do is estimate the cost in other currencies.

Sales Tax Rates

You may find that the sales tax (VAT or equivalent) rate that the Store software adds to the base price differs from what you expect. It will probably be lower, perhaps even zero. This is because many countries have a discounted tax rate for books, ebooks and educational materials. Also, we are a small operation and so often fall under the minimum threshold turnover amounts in any given country that would require us to remit sales tax to the government. In that case, we do not add sales tax to your purchase.

If we collect sales tax, we will forward it to the government, but we do not identify you as a purchaser. The government wants the money; they don't care who provides it! For example, for Europe, we have to submit a spreadsheet with one line per country, indicating the total sales for that country, the VAT rate, and the total remitted. That's it. We don't share your information, even to pay taxes.

Of course, we would be really happy of we did cross the thresholds so that we do have to pay sales tax, as for many countries that would be massive sales! But until that happy day (for us), we won't charge the tax if we don't have to, and so we will make many happy days for you!


At present, the Store is set up in English. There is the potential to set up the standard text in a range of other languages, using specific language modules, but we will still need to have support information in each language we use. As our products are only in English, at present, if you can't read the site, you probably won't be able to read the book.

As the books are translated to other languages, we will expand the languages available on the Store. We have a little work done in French, so that you can see how it works (and we can test it), but we don't have any books in French (yet).

Gift Certificates

You can buy gift certificates in our store. These gift certificates are used to purchase other items in the store. You buy them in the same way that you buy other products in the store, except that it makes sense to buy multiples of them, if you want to do so.

We do not charge sales tax on gift certificates, as they are a means of storing money prior to a purchase. Once you have money in your gift certificate 'account,' it appears at check-out, so you can use it for purchases. Money in your Gift Certificate account can be used to pay any sales tax on a purchase.

When you buy a gift certificate, you will be sent a code by e-mail. You need to log in to your account and enter the code to redeem the gift certificate.

You can buy gift certificates and send the gift certificate (or part of your gift certificate account's value) to someone else. This can be done from the Shopping Cart page, where a link takes you to the appropriate page. The recipient then enters the code they receive and can gain access to the funds.

Gift Certificates are denominated in US dollars. While you can buy them in any currency through PayPal, they end up as US dollars in your account, so that you can apply them directly to good priced in US dollars. This allows you to know exactly what you have in your account with respect to the purchase price of goods. It also insulates you against currency fluctuations.