In late January, 2016, I took part in a one-day workshop on "The Future of Surveying," in San Diego. This was organized and funded by NCEES, although they tried to keep a back seat and let the discussion proceed where it may. Thanks and kudos to NCEES for organizing this, and putting in the money to get it to happen.

That meeting inspired me to generate some blog posts on the topic, in an effort to wide the discussion on what needs to happen to create a bright future for surveying. I hope that you enjoy these articles. They are meant to be provocative, to make you think. Too often we try to solve problems with the same thinking that created them, something that Einstein warned us was sure path to failure. So these are designed to give you different viewpoints and stimulate getting you, the reader, involved in the discussion.

Bill Hazelton

2nd February, 2016.