23rd June, 2015.

Wollindina Media is pleased to announce the release of our new textbook Leveling and Vertical Location by John D. Bossler and N.W.J. Hazelton. The official launch was at the Surveying and Geomatics Educators Society Conference in Orono, Maine, today.

This is the third volume of a series of textbooks titled Surveying: Foundation of Geomatics, although it is the first volume to be released. This series will develop a comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of the geomatics and surveying disciplines. Primarily for undergraduates in both 2-year and 4-year programs, the series includes advanced material that can be included in more advanced courses.

The series is being released solely as an electronic book, using the Apple iBooks Textbooks format. As such, it will operate in iBooks on the Apple Macintosh and all iPad tablets.

There are many advantages to this format, not least being the extensibility that we are building into our books, and that can continue with the ability to add HTML5 coded widgets into the book. In addition, the iPad is a capable computational device, running an office suite from Apple, as well as Office 360, which will allow readers to try out many of the examples on their own devices.

Leveling and Vertical Location covers not only traditional leveling, but also the application of more advanced technologies to determining vertical location, such a GNSS, LiDAR, SAR and photogrammetry. A section on least squares adjustment of leveling data is also included. The book includes video, animated figures, slideshows and interactive figures. An extensive glossary, indexes and hyperlinks within the book allow easy navigation. The books is designed to be easily read on a range of devices, and has colors selected to allow color-blind readers to make the most of the color that is used throughout.

The Leveling and Vertical Location textbook can be found on the iBooks Store at the following location:


"Leveling and Vertical Location"