17th July, 2015.

In the four weeks since the Leveling and Vertical Location textbook was first available on the Apple iBooks Store, Wollindina Media has uploaded four updated versions, and are currently at Version 1.0.4. This version was made available today by Apple.

This is one thing that makes electronic books different from paper books: the ability to update the material. The four updates have included correcting some minor typos, changing some of the material into a different format to make it clearer, adding some additional material, some tidying of illustrations, updating illustrations to work better on the iPhone's smaller screen, and general housekeeping to make it work better, according to how we see it as downloaded from the Store.

This efforts shows our commitment to this format of books, as well as the ease with which a book can be updated and/or corrected, as needed. As our books become more widely used, we expect more feedback suggesting improvements and updates, and we will be incorporating this into the books as best we can.

Rather than a three-year edition cycle, we are looking at closer to a week, if needed. This is a major advantage of this new technology.

The Leveling and Vertical Location textbook can be found in the iBooks Store. Click the link to get there!