30th June, 2015.

Today, Apple released an update to the iOS operating system for iPads and iPhones, version 8.4. As a result, iPhones updated to this version, and with the updated version of iBooks that comes with it, will be able to view iBooks Textbooks on the phone.

Wollindina Media have tested the Leveling and Vertical Location textbook with an iPhone 5 and it works well. We suggest using the ‘Scrolling Mode,’ which runs the book as though it were a big web page (the equivalent of portrait view on an iPad), and will allow this view in any orientation. You also have two text sizes for viewing. The videos, slideshows and animated GIFs work quite well on the iPhone, so it looks like this is another option for students to have the book. It also means that they can easily take it with them to class and into the field, where the video may come in handy.

We are very excited about this development, as it opens up wider opportunities for our books to accompany students wherever they need to be. As a purchaser has the right to have copies of the book on multiple devices, they can read it on a Mac in their office or dorm, consult the book in meetings on their iPad, and check details in the field on their iPhone.

The Leveling and Vertical Location textbook can be found on the iBooks Store at the following location: