12th November, 2015.

Wollindina Media today officially released the ePub3 version of their Leveling and Vertical Location textbook. The ePub3 version can be viewed on suitable readers on Windows, Android, MacOS X, iOS, ChromeOS and Linux devices.

The ePub3 version contains the same text as the newly updated 1.0.5 version of the iBooks version of the book. It includes the same videos, animations, slideshows, audio, indexing, glossary, text and illustrations as the iBooks version. The only difference is the discussion of how to work the book on different devices.

The ePub3 version is available for $10.00 at the Wollindina Media Store, where it can be purchased and downloaded for any device.

The book can be downloaded more than once, so there is no problem if the book is accidentally deleted, or has to be deleted if you run out of space. Similarly, you can use the book on multiple devices, and depending upon the reader, users can share bookmarks and notes between devices. Purchasers are also entitled to all updates of the book at no charge.

For more information, see the ePub3 version's web page, here, or contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..