12th November, 2015.

Today Wollindina Media released the latest update to their electronic textbook, Leveling and Vertical Location, being version 1.0.5. This update includes an new video, addition of audio recordings of the pronunciations of some terms, updates to the discussion on the geoid for North America (including updates to include the recently released GEOID12B), and miscellaneous improvements and corrections to the text.

Updates are available at no cost to all buyers of the book.

Released in conjunction with the new ePub3 version, this allows both versions to have the same core text and illustrations. While the page numbers are different, owing to different layouts, the content remains the same. The indexes are the same for both versions, as is the Glossary.

The updated version is available from the iBooks store. It can be found here: 


It is purchased through the Apple iBooks app, and can be used across different Apple devices.